Deliver Daily

  • Milk
  • Coconut Water
  • Bread
  • Fruits & vegetables


  • No adulteration
  • Authorized dealer of all Milk Brands
  • Freshness guarantee

Easy Payment

  • Pay Online or Cash
  • Pay once and get delivery daily
  • Easy Returns and Refunds
How Subscription Works
Start Date

Let us know the date when our team will start delivering.


Decide when you want to receive the product. You can choose intervals of everyday, alternate day or every third day. Simple!

Time Slot

Select time slot convenient to you. Our delivery champ will reach right in time. No hassle.


Simple steps to subscribe the products. Just choose one and click subscribe.


Click pause and choose dates when you don’t want us to deliver the products. Start date 1st May and end date 5th May will pause services for 5 days including 1st and 5th May


Click Start if you came back home early than planned say 3rd May. easy!! Want to make another change? No problem.

Change Quantity

Want to change the subscription such as change quantity, time slot or frequency? Just click update and we will set your services as you want

Why Topup?

Topup allows you to buy products without paying hefty delivery charges. You can buy a packet of bread in no time and we deliver it without burning your pocket.

How to Topup?

Simple!! Choose the products you want to topup. Set a time slot and Say topup. it’s done!

Did we mention Quality?

RainCan procures everything fresh from company. Be assured that we are delivering everything with highest quality directly from factory. Are you sure about the quality of next door store?

Online Recharge

The hassle free and preferred way to recharge. It’s quick and our request is to use online as much as possible.

Door step collection

Card not working? have other problems in online recharge. No worries. Our team will reach out to you to collect recharge amount you schedule by clicking ‘Do Cash Recharge’

Where is history of my payments?

Just click the top right clock icon to check all recharges/refunds made by you and us. Simple!

Future and Past Orders

You can scroll up and down to see all dates of the selected month. Past days will show what we sent you and the bills and future days will show whats coming based on your subscriptions and topups. COOL!!

Current and last month bill

On right top of calendar, you can quickly see how much you spend so far in this month and how much was spent last month. Keep an easy record of your expenses with us. What’s more! use arrow keys to move across months and see old bills as well.